About me

Having fun developing something awesome.

About me

I have a passion for design and technology, and I am driven to create products and deliver services that exceed our clients’ expectations.


With a commitment to excellence, I’ll always strive to deliver the results that our clients expect from me.


Using this platform to create lasting relationships and add value to my clients’ brands, positively impacting their businesses.

The story so far

oneWAYup Designs was founded in 2019. But its roots go many years, even decades, back. I probably can pinpoint some of its beginnings to the year 1995, when the personal computer market was expanding. I remember my first time using Windows 95 and Netscape, and connecting to the internet through dial-up.

Or perhaps we could say that the dream really began with something much more simple than that: the unique, and deep, experience of “creating” stuff with Lego™ blocks, a form of design that is virtually limitless, and one that plays a key role on the development and expansion of the brain’s prefrontal cortex. Videogames probably played a role in it also, in the way that storytelling is done. Because, after all, a website is more than its looks.

Flash-forward to recent years, CMS companies such as WordPress have made it possible for us to execute our vision of what a web page should be,  and really there’s never been a more exciting time to leave your footprint in the digital world than today. After many, many hours of research and execution, oneWAYup Designs was born. I’m using the past 20 years of experience in many different areas of life to go beyond your expectations. The design of a web page is but the gateway to something deeper, more powerful. These tools are accessible to everyone. But not everyone is qualified to leverage the power of an untold story.

I know I am. And I hope you see that when you get to meet me.

Luis J. Checo Gobaira


Meet the team

"I'm a perfectionist at heart. Firm believer that the '80s were truly the best decade that will ever happen in our lifetime. Love design, sports, music, and videogames."

Luis J. Checo Gobaira

Founder & Lead Designer

He likes baseball, and trains, and legos, and Mario, and Link. And he's one day going to be a soccer star.

Guillermo Checo

Chief Inspiration Officer

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